The Farting College women: Beth’s Dildo Fever…poem!

30 01 2008

WARNING: Adult material. Adult Content. Adult theme. 

I have dildo fever and no one understands.
I have dildo fever and I don’t need a man.
I have dildo fever and I please myself any way that I can.

My dildo is long.
My didlo gives me freedom.
My dildo is mine…to have all the time.

I take it to work with me.
I take it to bed.
I take it where ever pleasure finds me.

I don’t have to mess with a man…with my dildo I thee wed.
My dildo makes me cum…without all the baggage of a relationship!
My dildo has a shrine, it makes love to me it with passion in mind!

I turn it on all the time.
My dildo is fine!
My dildo takes four AA batteries.
My dildo makes a buzzing sound….(BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ)